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    Wow, gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

    "I told you it was like three times bigger than yours honey!"

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  8. Reasons to be excited about Easter Weekend

    I’ve decided not to go home this weekend and just spend it with the girlfriend. Easter is a big church deal for my family and bringing my lesbian lover to church with us… probably just wouldn’t go well. Plus, my sister is starting to look like an overfilled balloon and is cranky 24/7. (Poor thing still hasn’t grown any boobs, even for breastfeeding.) Jen’s family (my girlfriend) is all the way in California, so she’s not hoping a jet. So we decided to spend the weekend together here in Columbia. And one of our planned activities is to go bikini shopping. I might just have to take some pictures for you all ;)

    But if I don’t talk to you all until then, Happy Easter and all that jazz!

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    My Boobs are bigger!
    My Boobs are bigger!
    My Boobs are bigger!
    Big boobs

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