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  7. Anonymous said: Don't you feel any way about sleeping with your sisters fiancé ? Multiple types even after she's had a baby

    I do feel kinda bad about it, but what shocks me more is how much my body was craving him. It was very primal. I felt like shit after, but in that moment, I couldn’t help myself.

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    Final for my Time Arts class. Nothing gets you in touch with your own anger quite like listening to this and thinking about all the times you’ve been objectified and belittled.

    Beautiful and perfect.

    The first year after I was raped, I was terrified to walk outside at night. Every shadow was a threat, ever gust of wind was him breathing in my ear. For a year, I lived in terror. Then, I ran away to college, and discovered that they offered self defense courses for free to female students. I’ve refused to be afraid of men or the dark ever again.

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  10. Pregnancy

    So, my sister had her baby last week. Something happened that probably shouldn’t have had, but that for later.

    One, I can’t believe im actually jealous of my sister for once in my life. My nephew is sooo cute, I can’t help but wish I was knocked up so I could have one too. Pregnancy brain must be contagious. Im glad she had a boy though. I’d feel kinda bad for a girl who inherits her genes from my sister. Even with her lactating, she’s barely pushing a B-cup. I remember her saying how huge her boobs felt. I rolled my eyes at the comment. I had a b-cup when I was…11, 12 maybe. Not for very long. I remember my mom held on to mine after I out grew them, incase my older sister should ever grow into them, but that day never came.

    So… I confess. First, let me say that my girlfriend knows of my bisexuality. She doesn’t care how many dicks I jump on as long as she’s the only girl in my world, which is perfect for me. So, I can still be fucked by all the big dicks or fuck all the babydicks I want. Thing is… I feel a little guilty. For those of you who have followed me since before thanksgiving, some of you will know what happened between me and my sister’s fiancé. It happened again. I fucked him. His truck has been broken down lately, and so my sister has been the one taking him to and from work. But she went into labor while he was at work, and drove herself to the hospital. She forgot her go bag, her bag with her clothes, baby clothes, diapers and everything she needed for the hospital. So mom and dad drove to the hospital to be with her, and I got my future brother in law and we dropped by their house. He was changing real quick and I was looking for her bag. He works for a tree cutting service, and has a really great body if only a decent dick. But in that moment, idk why, but he looked so sexy to me. I had to have him. so I started kissing him, kind of pushed him on to the bed, and I started giving him a blow job, which led to us having sex in their bed, and us going to the hospital afterwards to see my sister and his in-labor fiancé, all while I had his cum slowly leaking out of me. We swore we would never tell anyone, but I can’t keep it a secret. Part of me feels so horrible. Like im the worst human being on the planet… but right then, I needed him and his cum inside me. The worst of it is, since my nephew has been born, its happened twice since then.